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Born: Mid-1680s Died: Summer, 1719 Benjamin Hornigold was likely born in Norfolk, England, although this has not yet been verified.


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Pirates of The Bahamas. for all those who turned themselves in and refrained from further piracy.

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Captain of a large, powerful pirate crew that included the infamous Blackbeard, Benjamin Hornigold exemplified the style of a 1700s naval captain, complete with.His second-in-command was Edward Teach, today best remembered as Blackbeard.Benjamin Hornigold, pirate biographies, famous pirates, Edward England, Blackbeard, Samuel Bellamy, Anne Bonny, Henry Every, Peter Easton, Mary Read, Captain Kidd.

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B enjamin Hornigold was the founder of the pirate republic in the Bahamas and a mentor to both Blackbeard and Sam Bellamy.Captain Benjamin Hornigold was one of the pirate captains who operated in the Bahamas during the early eighteenth century.

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A man who was a privateer, pirate and pirate hunter during his career.Benjamin Hornigold was the man who established the pirate base in Nassau, Bahamas, and in conjunction with John Cockram.

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He would get his wish in 1716 when he met a man by the name of Captain Benjamin Hornigold.

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