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Ring fit bulk pack Air-Tite coin capsules holders for coin collectors.Air-Tite coin capsule holders are made from acrylic plastic with a non-yellowing agent, a process that results in a final product that is hard, crystal clear, and.

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Air-Tite Holders, Inc. make plastic coin holders, also known as capsules, for coins, silver medallions, gold bullions and casino chips along with storage items that.Our products include a wide selection of Air-Tite capsules and tubes and specialized storage boxes.

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Each box will hold 20 coins mounted in Air-Tite holders and velour.

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Original Premium High Quality Genuine Air-Tite Brand Coin Holders.

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This single coin box holds a Large (L) sized Guardhouse Coin Capsule or H sized Air-Tite Capsule. With a 44.5mm diameter they are a perfect fit for the 1.75 inch.Find great deals on eBay for airtite coin holder storage container.

ZIDBE5WVXY 1 Airtite Coin Holder Storage Container & 20

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For anyone who is interested, I ordered some of the Lighthouse Encap pages to store my dollar size direct-fit airtites in.

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Guardhouse Capsule Storage Box & 50 A16 Air-Tite 16.5mm

Original Air-Tite Coin Holder Storage Container Brand Capsule Storage System for Air-Tite Brand Holders.

Direct Fit Air-Tite Coin Holders from APMEX keep your coins safe and protected from unwanted wear and tear.SUPPLIES for the coin collector - airtite holders, red book of US coin prices.BCW 2x2 Coin Snap Holder Large Dollar. bcw pro 20-pocket coin storage page - coin collecting.

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Air-Tite coin capsule storage tubes provide great protection and easy access to your Air-Tite coin holders. | Collector’s Archival Protection System

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Air Title Holders for coin collectors at Magically low prices on quality Air Tite coin holders.Round Coin Tubes and Square Coin Tubes by Numis, CoinSafe and Storage-Tube.Information about coin holders including Air Tites, Whitman Holders, Intercept Shield Holders, CoinEdge Holders,.All Air-Tite holders are available in sizes by millimeter, thereby allowing for virtually any size coin, token.

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ZIDL892NRK (5) Air-Tite 40Mm Black Ring Coin Holder

Learn how to make the right decision for protecting your coins.

For safekeeping, store your mounted coins in this attractive and protective Air-Tite storage box.Air-tite coin capsule holders provide maximum protection for your coin collection.The Air-Tite coin capsules are. coin storage coin supplies coin tools coin tubes currency storage Euro finger cots guardhouse coin.

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